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A day in a KTH lab

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about assessment methods at KTH. Today, I want to show you more in detail one of the most common assignments you can get: laboratory work.

Typically, laboratory work at KTH is divided in two phases:
⁃ laboratory experiments/measurements;
⁃ report writing.

In this case, we had to take some measurements in one of KTH’s wind tunnels for the Turbulence course. Our goal was to take different velocity measurements of the wake behind a cylinder, to compare them with the theoretical estimations.

Picture of the small wind tunnel facility at KTH
The KTH wind tunnel where we performed the experiment

Usually, laboratory works are carried out in group, and then the report can be either individual or team work. Personally, I always prefer the latter: I feel that working in teams really makes you grow as a student, and I’m glad that KTH really values this kind of assessment – it is certainly one of the perks of education here. In this case, the lab lasted more or less two hours and allowed us to perform different measurements and to discuss some theoretical questions with the teaching assistant, to assess their relevance to the work that we were carrying out.

PC monitor and an instrument to show the data retrieved with thte experiment.
Retrieving data is always fun – and visually satisfying, too!

I had already performed other laboratory works during my Bachelor years, but I feel that the atmosphere at KTH was far more relaxed. The relation with the professors and the teaching assistants is much warmer, and it looks like you actually work with them at the lab. Don’t get me wrong: you still have to do the dirty work! Simply, everyone is much more eager to suggest different perspectives on the problem, and to help you grow and learn more.

Central section of the wind tunnel, made in glass so that people can look at what's going on inside
The central section of the wind tunnel, where measurement probes can be placed

Right now, I am in the second phase of the work: my group and I are currently writing our lab report, which is always a good way to revise the most important concepts of the course for the upcoming exam. I feel that this kind of assignment really keeps the study rhythm high, helping you to stay focus and, most importantly, to feel immersed in the subjects that you’re studying!

Outlet of the wind tunnel with a friend looking inside
My curious friend checking out the outlet of the wind tunnel – I’m sure he looked convinced

That is all for today. We’re only a couple of weeks away from the application deadline and, because of this, I would highly recommend you to check out the past blog posts on FAQ on applying to KTH and the application journey. Remember to stay tuned for more incoming content about application!

I’ll see you in the next post. Have a nice Christmas!

// Lorenzo