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Five things I would advise myself when I just got admitted 

Sometimes we all think time travel would be pretty cool. Although it’s not possible yet (I’m going to follow the KTH’s latest inventions, and who knows…), there are some things I wish I knew when I started my studies last year. So in this post, I’m going to share with you some tips I would … Continue reading “Five things I would advise myself when I just got admitted “

My study life at KTH 

I often tell you about leisure activities and fun things to do in Stockholm in my blog, but I haven’t shared much about my studies yet. Time to fix that and tell you more about my study experience at KTH.  My programme is called Media Management. It focuses on developing and marketing media products and … Continue reading “My study life at KTH “

Final words….Tack Så Mycket & Hej Då

As I near the end of my journey as a student at KTH and transform into a proud KTH alumni, I look back at the last two years with gratitude and gratefulness. Everything that happened to me with regard to academics, personal and professional aspects has helped me accelerate my growth as an individual. It … Continue reading “Final words….Tack Så Mycket & Hej Då”

Must have Experiences at KTH

Being a student at KTH is definitely an amazing experience especially if you are part of the campus activities and make total use of the opportunities on campus. In this blog post, I talk about the must-have experiences during your time at KTH. Build your own start up at KTH Innovation You have the opportunity … Continue reading “Must have Experiences at KTH”

We created a monster

Hey guys, how’s your week been? My week has been eventful!! Everyday could have made up for complete episodes of a TV series (not joking here). However,we are not here to talk about my week, it’s the second episode of my “come back” series PROJECT WORK The Sustainable Energy Engineering programme is known for projects( … Continue reading “We created a monster”

How well do you know yourself?

“Tell me more about yourself?” The most asked interview question of all time! In fact, it is the first question you learn how to properly answer when preparing for interviews. Actually, today at KTH during lunch, there was a session at the Academic Resource Centre on how to prepare for interviews. A good resource I must … Continue reading “How well do you know yourself?”