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My mental health care routine

As societies keep on facing new challenges, more people worldwide rethink their ways of approaching mental health. While some countries still tend to stigmatize mental health issues, Sweden is an excellent example of effectively tackling them with awareness, effective instruments and continuous support for everybody, including international students.  I firmly believe that mental health is … Continue reading “My mental health care routine”

Free Access to Psychologists for KTH Students

Mental health is immensely important and should be given the priority it needs. Student life can be stressful at times and the special times we are facing currently can stir anxious thoughts about the past and the future. International students could sometimes feel lonely being away from home. At times, the stress of balancing between … Continue reading “Free Access to Psychologists for KTH Students”

Mental Health Support to KTH Students

Mental health is a serious topic relevant anywhere across the globe and constructive dialogues and awareness about it are now essential more than ever. It is understandable that students constantly are in a phase of stress and anxiety. Mental health, similar to physical health is something that should never be neglected. Thus, there are a … Continue reading “Mental Health Support to KTH Students”