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Perks of being a THS member: Rent the sauna at Nymble

Over the weekend, many students were busy celebrating the spring holiday Valborg in university cities across Sweden.  With work on my degree project getting more intense, I needed a more lowkey Friday night to relax and recharge. So, some friends and I rented out the beautiful sauna located in Nymble, the KTH student union building.  … Continue reading “Perks of being a THS member: Rent the sauna at Nymble”

THS – Student Union at KTH

As an international student, you can be sure THS, the student union here at KTH, will have a big impact on your social life. So what is this group is and what do they do?  Well, of the many things I’ve been involved with in the past year in KTH, THS has been hosting, helping … Continue readingTHS – Student Union at KTH

The student union of KTH (THS)

Did you already hear about THS, the Student Union of KTH? THS takes care of the continuous improvement of the education on campus and trying to make your experience at KTH as great as possible! Being a member of THS has multiple advantages. For new students, it’s probably a big plus that when being a … Continue reading “The student union of KTH (THS)”


Maybe you know them already from their blue overalls – THS MAIN is one of the three organisations under the umbrella of THS International. Recently, the organisation has elected their new president Carolin who will be responsible during the academic year 2021/2022. Carolin is from Germany and will start into her second year of the … Continue reading “Meet THS MAIN”

Have you ever wondered …

It’s quiz time! We thought that it’s time to get you into a weekend puzzle mood. Ivan, our Instagram curator has prepared a quiz about KTH for you in our Instagram story – did you see it already? Before you go on reading, you should check it out and test your knowledge – just click … Continue reading “Have you ever wondered …”