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Modelling of micro mobility - M3

A prestudy on knowledge needs and user patterns.

Micro-mobility is a collective term that encompasses different types of vehicles, e.g. electric scooters, electric bikes, segways and electric tricycles. Electric scooters and similar forms of micro-mobility provide a fast, quiet, environmentally friendly and space-saving means of transport. However, the rapid establishment has meant that today's infrastructure is not adapted to their characteristics, which has given rise to a number of conflicts and problems. Thus, there is a great need for authorities to understand how the positive sides of micro-mobility can be strengthened and how the negative sides can be remedied. The aim of this prestudy is to lay the first stone in the build-up of analytical and modeling skills in urban traffic micro-mobility. The project aims to identify the knowledge needs of the actors involved, especially authorities and mobility companies. The preliminary study also aims to make an initial analysis of how micro-mobility is used based on analysis of data from one of the companies.

The project is carried out by KTH and is funded by Trafikverket via Centre for Traffic Research (CTR).

Project period

Start: 2020-01-01

End: 2020-12-01

Belongs to: Centre for Traffic Research (CTR)
Last changed: Mar 11, 2021