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Circular Public Procurement

Public procurement accounts for about one fifth of Swedish GDP and is thus a very powerful tool for helping to transform our society in a more sustainable direction. It offers great opportunities to influence suppliers and bidders to include both environmental aspects and social and economic sustainability throughout the life cycle.

Project name and -number: Exploring the use of circular public procurement to promote a circular economy (H7882)
Project leader: Sofia Lingegård, SEED
Participating universities/companies/other organisations: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, IVL
Project period: 2019-2022
Financing: Formas

Often green public procurement GPP is related more to the environmental impact throughout the life cycle, while sustainabile public procurement SPP is often related to addressing the 3 pillars of sustainability. Despite the discrepancy, addressing procurement practices may be an effective approach to motivate greener production methods by orienting production and consumption trends to encourage demand for more sustainable products.

The overall aim of the project is to further promote the use of circular and bio-based public procurement in order to guide development for criteria and implementation.


Belongs to: Sustainable development, environmental science and engineering (SEED)
Last changed: Jul 07, 2021