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Testbed Storsudret for development of sustainable water management systems

Water streaming outdoors.
Outflow of freshwater from Storsudret peninsula. Photo: Bo Olofsson/KTH

Project name: Testbed Storsudret for development of sustainable water management systems
Project leader: IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet
Participating universities/companies/other organisations: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SGU, Uppsala University, Region Gotland, Forum Östersjön, ENWA, Monsoon energy.
Project period: 2017-2022
Financing: Vinnova

Lack of fresh water for drinking purposes and agriculture is today one of the world’s greatest challenges. Freshwater resources in the world are rapidly decreasing and the on-gong climate change will lead to severe droughts and in some places flooding. There is a great need for test of new and existing cost-efficient solutions for water supply including reuse of water and systems for water storages, which can be implemented in various regions and climates.

In Sweden, the island of Gotland is an area suffering from water scarcity and water quality problems, especially the southernmost part, Storsudret peninsula. The project comprises establishment of an infrastructure at Storsudret, where systems for water supply in a rural and agricultural area will be tested. The testbed will attract various companies and also be a part of international water supply projects.

The project is a broad interaction of partners comprising suppliers, end-users such as local farmers, the academy, companies and authorities. KTH contributes to testing different methods and models for recharging and storage of groundwater, including testing and developing analyses tool-packages.


Bo Olofsson
Bo Olofsson
Belongs to: Sustainable development, environmental science and engineering (SEED)
Last changed: Aug 13, 2021