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Bo Olofsson

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About me

I have a background from both Stockholm University, SU (Geology / Chemistry) and KTH (Land surveying). Has worked part-time at KTH and SU since the late 1970s, as a senior lecturer and now acts as a full professor of environmental geology. Besides this I have been a consultant for hydrogeology, environmental geology and environmental geophysics at several consulting companies for a long time.

Expert in mainly hydrogeology and environmental geology. Special knowledge of hard rock hydrogeology. Long experience in monitoring and environmental control programs. Research interests and consultant in topics such as saltwater intrusion in coastal areas, artificial infiltration, impact on and monitoring of groundwater levels and groundwater chemistry, local groundwater supply, environmental monitoring with geophysical methods (especially GPR, electrical resistivity and electromagnetic methods). Development of tools for quantitative estimates of groundwater resources, monitoring of groundwater levels, vulnerability assessments for salt and radon containing groundwater, pollutant spreading from road and landfills. The methods have been applied in many municipalities, especially in Stockholm County. Hydrogeological expert in several major construction projects in Sweden, as well as several major environmental goals in the Environmental Court.

Nominated as "Best Teacher of the Year" at the School of Land Surveying, as well as at School of Architecture and Civil Engineering 5 times and selected as "Best teacher" for the entire KTH 1998/99 and in 2013. Principal supervisor or assistant supervisor for 9 completed doctoral theses and 11 licentiate theses. Currently head teacher for 2 PhD students and assistant supervisor for 3 PhD students. Supervisor for more than 90 MSc work in a variety of subjects. Course developer and course manager for a large number of courses at KTH and invited teachers at a number of universities in Sweden and abroad. Development of a wide range of course materials and computer-based training in hydrogeology, geophysics, geology and geo-energy.


Introduction to the Planning and Building Process (AI1527), teacher | Course web

Natural Resources Theory (AL1301), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Bo Olofsson