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Sofia Lingegård

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About me

I'm interested in business models (Product Service Systems) and public procurement in relation to a life cycle perspective and thus circular economy. 

I currently work with the following projects:

Exploring the use of circular public procurement to promote a circular economy (FORMAS). The overall aim of the project is to further promote the use of circular and bio-based public procurement in order to guide development for criteria and implementation. The project is realized in collaboration with IVL. Please see link for more info:

Expectations and Implications of Circularity in Society (FORMAS): 

The overall aim of this project is to identify and analyze the environmental sustainability implications of new modes of production and consumption brought about by changes in the transition to a circular economy. To meet this aim, the objectives include:

  • Identify and analyze the discourse employed to promote strategies to stimulate the CE in selected case study sectors
  • Map and outline potential trajectories for the sectoral development toward reaching the CE and the consequences this may have for material sourcing and for other sectors in society  
  • Analyze the potential environmental impacts, positive and negative, of this transition on different levels (product, sector and society levels)

GRASS - Growing Algae Sustainably in the Baltic Sea project, where my focus will be the policy level regarding unlocking the potential of sustainable production and use of macroalgae (e.g. food), through knowledge transfer activities and guiding materials for pubic authorities.

Previous projects

During my Post doc I focused on sustainable infrastructure from a life-cycle perspective including procurement, construction and maintenance. The research was conducted within the scope of the research programe Procsibe,, where I'm still active. My two projects are presented below.

Procurement strategies for sustainable development in the infrastructure sector

Improve the understanding of how a procurement strategy based on integrated contracts (DBM or performance contracts) can be designed and implemented to strengthen contractors’ possibilities and incentives for innovation and reducing lifecycle costs.

Implementation of procurement requirements for sustainable collaboration in infrastructure projects

The overall aim of the study is to contribute to a more efficient implementation of policies and goals for reducing climate impact from the infrastructure sector on a global level, specifically focusing on procurement requirements, organizational drivers and market maturity.

In my PhD thesis (2014) I focused on Product Service Systems for large technical systems such as rail and road infrastructure. Thesis: Integrated Product Service Offerings for Rail and Road Infrastructure: Reviewing Applicability in Sweden.


Degree Project in Strategies for Sustainable Development, Second Cycle (AL250X), teacher | Course web

Environmental Economics (AL1357), teacher | Course web

Environmental Management (AL2160), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Environmental Management II, Advanced Course (AL2161), course responsible, teacher | Course web