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Sustainable buildings lab @ SEED

The Sustainable Buildings lab, SBL@SEED, is a mission-driven lab gathering researchers who develop knowledge, methods and tools to support planning, design, construction, operation and use of buildings. Our mission is a society where buildings do not harm the environment while still supporting a viable everyday-life from a social perspective of building use.

Project name: Sustainable Buildings lab
Project leader/Lab director: Tove Malmqvist Stigell, SEED
Participating universities/companies/other organisations: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Project period: 2023-
Financing: KTH

SBL@SEED supports sustainability strategies in policy and practice and aims at being the first stop for anyone sharing our mission and seeking collaboration with, or information from, researchers.

SBL@SEED was established within the KTH-SEED department in 2023. We are currently exploring how to coordinate SBL@SEED with our excellent colleagues at KTH and other research groups who we already cooperate with.

Lab members:

Tove Malmqvist Stigell , Associate Professor

Ahmad Al-Najjar , Doctoral Student

Shoaib Azizi , Postdoc 

Zoé Barjot , Doctoral Student

Mattias Höjer , Professor

Cecilia Katzeff , Associate Professor

Sofia Lingegård , Senior Researcher

Xi-Lillian Pang , Senior Researcher

Oleksii Pasichnyi , Senior Researcher

Ansheila Budiyani , Research engineer

Sacha Thibault , Research engineer


Belongs to: Sustainable development, environmental science and engineering (SEED)
Last changed: Nov 02, 2023