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Tove Malmqvist Stigell

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Senior researcher and docent at the division for Sustainability assessment and management.  My research deals with the environmental impact associated with the built environment. Much of my research has primarily dealt with development of environmental assessment methodology for the built environment and its implementation in planning and building industry processes. This does not only concern energy use in buildings, but also material use, indoor environmental quality and impacts on eco systems. I have a long experience of leading externally funded research & development projects in the field of sustainable building and urban sustainable development, many of which in collaboration with industry partners. 


Degree Project in Built Environment, First Cycle (AL130X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Strategies for Sustainable Development, Second Cycle (AL250X), teacher | Course web

Digitalisation and Innovation for Sustainable Development (AL1523), teacher | Course web

Environmental Aspects of the Built Environment (AG2806), course responsible | Course web

Sustainable Buildings - Concept, Design, Construction and Operation (AF2507), teacher | Course web