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Zoé Barjot

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I am a PhD student at the division Sustainability Assessment and Management (SAM)  at SEED.  I work with LCA applied on buildings so as to understand buildings' climate impact and investigate on the use of LCA-based regulations and their practical implications. My supervisors are Tove Malmqvist(main supervisor) and Mattias Höjer. We are all part of the Seed's Sustainable Building Lab.

I am involved in an E2B2 project funded by the Swedish energy agency named Kunskapssyntes om svenska byggnaders klimatpåverkan for which we work both with a wide range of real case building sample for new construction and renovations in Sweden. We conduct quantitative analysis, complemented with close contact with industry stakeholders.

I am also involved as a PhD representative, taking part in the ABE PhD student council and the PhD chapter of THS, don't hesitate to contact me if any question!


Environmental Aspects of the Built Environment (AG2806), teacher | Course web

Global Development and Political Ecology (AL2121), teacher | Course web