ABE PhD Student Council

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ABE Council Board

Position Position
Chairperson Boel Berg Wincent
Vice Chairperson Elina Merdymshaeva
Treasurer Zoé Barjot
Web and communication manager Jens Bergenudd
Event Manager Mehmet Kaan Etikan
Educational Manager Sigvard Bast
Representative at the Faculty Board Matilde Kautsky

ABE Doctoral student representatives 

Main PAD Deputy PAD Doctoral program
Adrià Carbonell Rabassa Architecture
Erik Sandelin Art, Technology and Design
Mehmet Kaan Etikan Civil and Architectural Engineering
Peter Nezval Geodesy and Geoinformatics
Elise Perrault Loris Mazzaferro Planning and Decision Analysis
Sigvard Bast Elina Merdymshaeva Land and Water Resources Engineering
Erik Ljungberg Liubov Timonina Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences of Technology, Science, and the Environment
Andrii Kozikov The Built Environment and Society: Management, Economics and Law
Anastasios Skoufas Francesco Bruno Transport science

Permanent Contacts

E-mail Description
abe-chair@dr.kth.se  Council Chair
abe-vicechair@dr.kth.se  Council Vice Chair
abe-presidium@dr.kth.se  Presidium (i.e., Chair and Vice Chair)
abe-board@dr.kth.se  All Board Members
abe-eventmanager@dr.kth.se Event manager
abe-communication@dr.kth.se Web and communication manager
abe-pad@dr.kth.se  Representatives in PhD Program
abe-ff@dr.kth.se  Representatives in Future Faculty Program (not active)
abe-social@dr.kth.se  Social Activities
abe-council@dr.kth.se  All council members, including board, representatives and functionaries.

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