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Anastasios Skoufas

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PhD student



About me

Anastasios is a PhD student in the Division of Transport Planning, ABE. His research focuses on identifying network-wide public transport crowding implications and capacity needs of new urban development areas. His work is also focused on developing guidelines and planning recommendations for capacity needs towards more efficient and sustainable public transport networks.

Anastasios earned his MEng in Rural and Surveying Engineering at AUTh, Greece, and his MSc in Transport and Geoinformation Technology at KTH. His master’s thesis was focused on the design of public transportation networks in collaboration with Trafikförvaltingen, Region Stockholm. After his graduation, he worked as a research engineer in the field of public transport data analytics at KTH.


Public Transport (AH2173), assistant | Course web

Traffic Engineering and Management (AH2171), teacher | Course web