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Cecilia Katzeff

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Docent, researcher



About me

Associate professor (docent) in Human-Computer Interaction, stationed at SEED, the division for strategic sustainability studies. Previously adjunct professor (assessed as professor competent in 2013) in sustainable interaction design,  at the division of Media technology and Interaction design (MID,EECS)  and research director at the Energy Design group, RISE (formerly Interactive Swedish ICT). With my PhD in psychology as a base, my work is interdisciplinary but with a strong focus on people within a sustainability and an ICT context. My research is a human oriented approach towards the design of digital interaction between people, their environment and various artefacts and systems. It focuses the role of design of digital services for practice change related to sustainability – for sustainable lifestyles. It includes design and the study of practices around energy use in real life contexts, such as households, the workplace, and public spaces in urban areas. It also includes design and practices related to food consumption and food waste. I currently teach at courses on undergraduate, master and graduate levels. On the undergraduate level I'm responsible for a course on sustainable development for computer science.

I currently manage the projects "Energy Communities - A Common Cause?", "Smart Grid Stories from the Home",  "HabitWise - creating sustainable everyday habits" and the KTH part of the research programme "Resistance and Effect - About Smart Grids for the Many People", both dealing with sustainable behaviour and practices supported by digital technology. In 2020 I embarked on an international project on trust issues in the relationship between users and the energy sector in the IEA DSM project "Social License to Automate".   In 2021 I started my engagement with the EU project GECKO with a focus on social science aspects on smart grids. Read about my other projects here.


Sustainable Development for Computer Science and Engineering (AL1504), teacher | Course web