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KTH Account

A KTH account is needed to be able to use KTH's resources.
Read more about the account and how to activate or change its password.

On 19 April 2023, KTH introduces a new solution for activating and changing passwords for KTH accounts.

The new solution includes, among other things, the possibility to activate and change passwords using Mobile BankID.

Information for new students

The rules for activating a KTH account may differ depending on the type of studies you are admitted to.

Read this first if you are a new student at KTH, KTH account for new students

Information about your KTH Account

Your KTH account is your identity in KTH's central user database. You use the account to access IT and student services, for example Personal menu, e-mail, Canvas, wireless network, KTH Print or Ladok.

A KTH account is automatically created for you after you have been accepted to a program or course. The account consists of a username and password. The password is personal and must be kept secret and thus only known by you.

In our computer systems, we use the same username and password as the KTH account. If you change the password in one place, it is automatically changed in all other systems connected to the account.

Activate account or change password

Activating the KTH account or changing the password can either be done using Mobile BankID or an activation code. This also applies if you have forgotten your password.

As a new student, you need to activate your KTH account before it can be used.

Consider this before changing your password

You must log out of or turn off applications that use your password on your other devices, such as your mobile phone or tablet, before changing your password. After you have changed your password, update the settings of the application with the new password before starting it again, to not risk locking your account.

Password requirements

  • At least 12 characters.
  • Must not contain three or more consequent letters from your name or username.
  • Must contain following character groups:
    • A-Z
    • a-z
    • 0-9
    • other characters (not 'space').

Questions and answers about KTH Account

If you want to know more about your KTH account, you can read the FAQ about KTH Account .

Deactivation of KTH account

Read more Information regarding deactivation of e-mail/KTH Account .

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Last changed: Apr 19, 2023