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My Schedule

Your personal calendar, "My schedule", displays schedules from the courses you subscribe to as well as the events from groups and programmes that you are subscribing to. It is also possible to view the schedule/calendar on each course, programme and group web or export the schedule to other private calendar programmes. There are some courses that lack schedule information, but when a schedule exists you can affect the information you see with the instructions below.

Your schedule  in the personal menu shows your schedule and calendar events from the courses, programmes and groups that you are subscribing to (according to My settings subscriptions ).

Schedule/ calendar on course, group and programme webs

In addition to "My schedule", you can find the schedule on the specific course, group or programme web.

The same settings that apply to "My schedule" also apply here, with one exception: you can see the events you have chosen not to “show in My schedule” as well.

Export schedule and calendar

You have the option to export my schedule , which enables you to have access to the schedule on your mobile phone and private calendar programs.

You can also, on the schedule-/calendar page for a specific course, group or programme, choose to export the specific schedule/calendar.

How do I affect what is shown in the schedule?

Do you lack events in the schedule or calendar?

Show in "My schedule"

Can't see any scheduled events from the specific course, program or group in "My schedule"? Make sure that you have chosen "yes" to "Show in my schedule" for the specific course, group or programme on My settings subscriptions .

Instructions to change: Select "change" for the specific course, group or programme on My settings subscriptions . Then choose "yes" under "include events in my schedule/calender".

Are you missing a few events in "My schedule"?

Then it is possible that you previously have chosen to uncheck an event in the "show in my schedule" column.

Instructions to change: Go to the specific course, programme or group web schedule page and check the box for the event in the "show in my schedule" column.

Current course round

Are you missing most of the scheduled events from your course? If you don't subscribe to a current course round you will only view events for the whole course, e.g examination.

Are you admitted to the course?

If you are admitted to a course you should automatically get a subscription on the course and current course round. Even if you choose to change the settings yourself (see instructions below) you need to ensure that you have been registered on the course in order to get a grade reported in the course.

Have you been re-registered to a course?

If you have been re-registered to a course you will get a subscription to all the current course rounds for the semester you are re-registered on. If you want to change this you can go to the course web and click on "My settings".

Instructions to change:

  • Go to the and see if the course is visible under the current semester.
  • If you cannot find the course, look under the other semesters and change the course round to the current.
  • If you can't find the course, search for it by using the course name and when go to the course web where you select Subscribe.

Time period

Have you selected a time period in "my schedule"  that doesn’t contain any events for your subscriptions?

Instructions to change: Choose another time period by selecting "edit date range or view" and/or ensure that the course round you are subscribing to is current during the preferred time period.

Do you see too many calendar/schedule events?

Unsubscribe or not show in "My schedule"

Do you have a course, programme or group in "My Schedule" which you don’t want to include? You can either choose to remove the subscription or not to show it in "My schedule".

Alter by following the instructions below:

  • Select "Edit" for the specific course, programme or group in My settings subscriptions.
  • If you want to unsubscribe completely, select Unsubscribe.
  • If you want to keep your subscription, but not view the events in "My schedule": set "Show in my schedule" to "No".

Student group

Student groups are codes used in the schedule process and often correlated to the programme and year you are registered on. You can see the different student groups on the detail view of a schedule event.

In most cases you don't need to choose a student group, but for some courses it exists parallel scheduled events that target different student groups. If you only want to see your own scheduled events you can select your student group.

Instructions to change: Select student group on the My settings subscriptions  (under General/Schedule).

Is the schedule correct?

If the schedule is not complete, correct or if there is information missing, please contact your teacher or the person who is course responsible.

Information about the schedule at KTH