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Funding for internship abroad

For internships within Europe, the Erasmus scholarship may cover additional expenses such as travel to and from the study destination. For internships outside Europe, there are other scholarships available. In many cases, the company that hosts the internship can offer compensation.

Study finance from CSN

Since an internship is generally not credit giving, you usually can not obtain student finance from the Swedish Board of Student Finance, CSN. However, if you can credit the internship in an internship course within your study programme, you can obtain student finance as for regular studies. More information on CSN's website, .

Funding within Europe

Are you going to do an internship in Europe? In addition to everything listed on this page, there are additional options via, for example, Erasmus+.

Scholarships from other organisations

There are lots of other scholarships available, however often considerable efforts are needed to identify one that suits your needs. Below are a number of links to scholarship databases and organisations that advertise scholarships.

Scholarship databases

Scholarships from organisations

Compensation from clients

If you do your internship at a company, they might compensate you for your work. It is possible to receive compensation even if granted the Erasmus + scholarship. Remember, however, that you can be required to repay student aid if your annual income becomes too high. For more information visit CSN's website, .

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Last changed: Nov 18, 2021