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KTH Opportunities Fund

Through KTH Opportunities Fund, students and young researchers at KTH have been given the opportunity to implement projects and initiatives.

Thanks to alumni and friends of KTH—109 students and young researchers have received funding for student fees or projects such as robotic surgery research, building a wind turbine in Tanzania and completing an internship at NASA. Meet some of the Scholarship Holders .

KTH Opportunities Fund will be phased out

During 2022/2023, the opportunity to support students and young researchers at KTH via the KTH Opportunities Fund will be phased out. As an alum, you can continue to support students at KTH via other types of alumni engagement, such as the KTH Alumni Mentor Program , guest lectures and degree projects.

Your support is important to KTH. Please read more about other projects, such as the KTH Baltic Tech Initiative  and other ways to support KTH . For our friends in the US, you will still be able to donate via KBFUS . For questions relating to this, please contact the KTH Development Office .

Birthday and memorial gift

Celebrating a birthday or honouring a memory by supporting KTH can be a way to define the unique connection that alumni truly share. If this is a form of support that appeals to you, please reach out to KTH Development Office .

Meet some of the scholarship holders

Emma Andersson

Functional testing for surgical robot hands

"Promising results and increased use of robotics in surgery, gives reason to expect that surgical robots can increase surgeons' ability to execute surgical procedures. Collaborative robots can be programmed to perform repetitive surgical tasks that require high precision and speed. Thanks to KTH Opportunities Fund we could perform functional testing, which generated a solid proof-of-concept, and greatly improved the impact of my master’s thesis work."

Linus Svenberg

Analysis of grass and soil connected to egg-laying sites of malaria mosqitoes

"Thanks to the support from KTH Opportunities Fund I have, together with Bachelor- and thesis students, had the opportunity to develop and evaluate an extraction method for plants who's precense have shown to be influential on the chosen egg-laying sites of malaria vector Anopheles gambiae."


Susanna Figueiredo De Rezende

Rising Stars - Female doctoral retreat 2019

"KTH Opportunities Fund gave us much more than some financial support. They believed in us, in our project, before anyone else did. Their trust gave us more confidence to pursue our endeavor and it was with their backing that we were able to secure all the funding needed. Thank you for helping us make this workshop for women PhD students a reality!"