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West Bengal minister visited arsenic mitigation researchers at KTH

Subrata Mukherjee in the middle. Prof. Prosun Bhattacharya (first from left) and Prof. Gunnar Jacks (third from right) were his hosts at KTH
Publicerad 2014-08-22

Mr. Subrata Mukherjee, Minister in Charge, Department of Panchayat and Rural Development and Public Health Engineering, Government of West Bengal and UNICEF visited the KTH-International Groundwater Arsenic Research Group (GARG) , Department of Sustainable Development Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED), August 22, 2014.

The purpose of the visit to KTH was to pave the way for extensive collaborative research and implementation of the methods of Sustainable Arsenic Mitigation developed by KTH International Groundwater Arsenic Group, KTH and later at the Embassy of India in Stockholm.

More information about the visit is available here .