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  • Book: “The Human Right to Water: From Concept to Reality”

    Publicerad 2016-11-04

    A new book titled “The Human Right to Water: From Concept to Reality” has been written/edited by Docent Nandita Singh.

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  • Södertörnsmodellen konferens

    Publicerad 2016-11-03
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  • SPEAK conference: Sustainable planning and environmental assessment

    Publicerad 2016-10-19

    Welcome to the SPEAK conference!

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  • Geo-environmental considerations in transport infrastructure planning

    Publicerad 2016-10-14

    Caroline Karlsson defended her PhD thesis

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  • How to reach the climate targets through coordinated energy and spatial planning

    Publicerad 2016-09-27

    Workshop held in the Dome of Vision at KTH on the 27th of September 2016

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  • EMA research group cooperation with KTH Parallel Computer Centre

    Xi Pang and Gert Svensson
    Publicerad 2016-08-15
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  • Södertörnsmodellen - seminarium i Almedalen

    Publicerad 2016-07-07
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  • KTH-Ramböll participates in the design of a UNICEF Water Safety Program for Bangladesh

    Publicerad 2016-06-09

    Although Bangladesh has made progress towards achieving its goal of access to improved water supply, significant challenges remain in terms of quality...

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  • Road disasters? Modeling and assessment of Swedish roads within crucial climate conditions

    Publicerad 2016-06-03

    Alireza Nickman defended his thesis

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  • Gunnar Jacks hedersdoktor

    Publicerad 2016-05-24

    Gunnar Jacks promoveras till filosofie hedersdoktor som tack för den stora vetenskapliga resurs han varit för Åbo Akademi.

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  • The deammonification process in moving bed biofilm reactors

    Publicerad 2016-05-18


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  • Coupled processes in seasonally frozen soils

    Publicerad 2016-04-28

    Coupled processes in seasonally frozen soils: Merging experiments and simulations

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  • Decision support on the Brazilian Forest Code

    Publicerad 2016-04-19

    KTH research used in a public hearing about the Brazilian Forest Code, organized by the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil

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  • Combining UASB reactor and reactive bed filter technology for wastewater treatment

    Publicerad 2016-03-18

    Closing the loop by combining UASB reactor and reactive bed filter technology for wastewater treatment: Modelling and practical approaches

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  • EESI alumni mingle

    Publicerad 2016-03-15
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  • En lösning på världens akuta vattenbrist

    Bo Olofsson, professor vid Mark- och vattenteknik på KTH. Foto: Peter Larsson.
    Publicerad 2016-03-08
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  • Subsurface dams in water resource management

    Publicerad 2016-03-03
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  • Green Hackaton - EESI students among the winners

    For the Nacka Green Walls and Roofs challenge (no name order) – Green ++: Isabel Enerson, Leonel Campos, Valerija Stepanova, Hanna Brandner, Maksym Kunytsia
    Publicerad 2016-02-22

    Green Hackaton for the challenge Nacka Green Walls and Roofs

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  • 6th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment (As2016)

    Publicerad 2016-01-21

    Prosun Bhattacharya (KTH, Sweden) & Jochen Bundschuh (USQ, Australia) Organizers Congress Series - Arsenic in the Environment International Society ...

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  • Sustainable arsenic mitigation

    Publicerad 2015-12-17


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