EN2911 Individual Project in Electric Power and Energy systems I 7.5 credits

Individuellt projekt i elkraftteknik I

The objective of the course is to develop the student’s ability to carry out and present research within electric power and energy systems.

  • Education cycle

    Second cycle
  • Main field of study

    Electrical Engineering
  • Grading scale

    P, F

Course offerings

Spring 19 for programme students

  • Periods

    Spring 19 P3 (3.5 credits), P4 (4.0 credits)

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  • Start date


  • End date


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  • Campus

    KTH Campus

  • Tutoring time


  • Form of study


  • Number of places

    No limitation

  • Course responsible

    Oskar Wallmark <owa@kth.se>

  • Teacher

    Oskar Wallmark <owa@kth.se>

Intended learning outcomes

To pass the course, the students should show that they are able to

• describe, explain and demonstrate relevant methods and computation models for a scientific problem within a selected topic,

• choose an appropriate solution method for the selected topic,

• shortly present and discuss (oral and in writing) theory and case studies within the selected topic.

Course main content

As the aim of the course is to develop the students ability to carry out research, it is natural that most of the learning in the course will be depending on self-studies, such as reading textbooks, technical reports, master and doctoral theses and scientific papers, and of course the students’ own research efforts. In addition to this, students will get supervision from an experience researcher in the field, who will teach the students concerning good research practice as well as provide guidance on how to solve different research problems.


Before course start the student should have agreed with the examiner on a suitable topic.  The student will then work indipendently with this topic under supervision of an experienced researcher.


AK2030 Theory and Methodology of Science. Moreover, other mandatory or electional courses can be required depending on the topic of the project.

The examiner should have approved that the student has sufficient prerequisites to carry out an individual research project.


The student will search for course literature with support of the supervisor.


  • PRO1 - Project work, 7.5, grading scale: P, F

This course is examined based on your project work. In order to pass the course, you will need to summarise your project work as instructed by your supervisor. In general you will have to prepare at least a written report and an oral presentation on your work.

Requirements for final grade

Approved project work.

Offered by

EECS/Electrical Energy Engineering


Mikael Amelin


Joakim Lilliesköld <joakiml@kth.se>

Lars Nordström <larsno@kth.se>

Lennart Söder <lsod@kth.se>

Luigi Vanfretti <luigiv@kth.se>

Mikael Amelin <amelin@kth.se>

Mohammad Hesamzadeh <mrhesamzadeh@ee.kth.se>

Oskar Wallmark <owa@kth.se>

Pontus Johnson <pontusj@kth.se>

Staffan Norrga <norrga@kth.se>

Supplementary information

Students can only read this course after agreement with an examiner from the Dept. of Electric Power and Energy Systems.


Course syllabus valid from: Spring 2019.
Examination information valid from: Spring 2019.