ME2062 Technology-based Entrepreneurship 7.5 credits

Technology-based Entrepreneurship

This course is targeted to the engineering student who would like to begin to understand the technology and management phenomena of technology-based entrepreneurship.

  • Education cycle

    Second cycle
  • Main field of study

    Industrial Management
  • Grading scale

    A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Course offerings

Spring 19 for programme students

Spring 20 for programme students

Intended learning outcomes

This course provides an in depth overview and analysis of the technology-based entrepreneurial process, enterprise, and individual. This course further promotes the development of technology–based entrepreneurship among engineers and technologists. This course is targeted to engineering students who would like to begin to understand the technology and management phenomena of technology-based entrepreneurship.

By the end of the course the student should be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development of the nation.
  • Identify and analyze the successful factors in technology-based entrepreneurship.
  • Discuss and communicate the multidisciplinary approach to product development and innovation.
  • Better work as a team member
  • Think more creatively in the area of ideation and new product and service development.

The pedagogical objectives are to shape student thinking about creating technology-based businesses, evaluating situations from a strategic perspective, and reaching strategic decisions. Accomplishing these objectives entails introducing students to how an enterprise must deal with all complexities and constraints of the environment in which is operates, why non of these can be assumed away or ignored, and how situation factors impact strategic decisions.

Course main content

It is intent to provide a broad practic-based experience in the process of creating tehcnology-based businesses. This course will be a departure for many engineering students because it relies not on formulas but on conceptual thinking and analysis. The students will be required to classics in the field but also more contemporary readings. The students will be further required to write a number of short papers as well as a longer final project. Several methods of instruction are utilized in this courser: lectures, case discussions, workshops, group projects, and guest presentations. The core concepts and discussions are presented in the "anchor" sessions, which are mostly led by the course director. Some of the seminars, lectures and discussions are taught by a guest who bring special knowledge to the time period of that particular case or who brings professional expertise to the body of knowledge under discussion. The students completing this course should be able to: Understand the importance of technology-based entrepreneurship for society.


120 higher education credits


Will be announced in the course PM.


  • SEM1 - Seminar, 3.5, grading scale: P, F
  • TEN1 - Examination, 4.0, grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Offered by

ITM/Industrial Economics and Management


Serdar Temiz,


Ali Mohammadi <>


Course syllabus valid from: Spring 2017.
Examination information valid from: Spring 2011.