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Thesis Work at the Architecture Studio

The campus is alive once again. As the winter slowly turns toward spring, it seems the time of restrictions is over. In the architecture school at KTH main campus, this means all the students are back working together in our lovely curvy building.

In the studio, a student working on a model
Model making with card

My classmates and I are now in our final semester of the course, putting together our masters thesis work. In the architecture programme, the thesis is different from many others around the university. Here, your thesis is organised as a personal design project. You are very free in deciding what to study or how to go about it. You always have two tutors to guide you, and a studio group of classmates around to help out, but the content and methods of the thesis project varies a lot from student to student. 

For this post, I’ve put together a little insight into some of the work from around the studios. Each project is researching buildings, places or architectural  ideas, proposing changes and visions of possible futures. The projects are all only in the beginning stages, but it’s exciting to watch the ideas come together, and always makes for an interesting walk around the building to see all the creative work going on about you.

In the studio, a student working on a model
More model making with model trees

Many diverse skills, such as research, model making, drawing and constructing go behind an architecture thesis. It is a unique programme in the school with methods that are diverse and different from many other courses. As the work continues until the Diploma Days at the beginning of June, these projects will continue to develop for a long time still!

In the studio, a concept model
Concept model in clay & timber
In the studio, a site context model
Site model in plasticine & timber
In the Studio, research display
Research Display
In the studio, a computer drawing
Digital 3D modelling

If you’re interested in more info about life as an architecture student, check out this post here, or if Urban Planning tickles your fancy, check out Claire’s blog here!

~ Declan