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Reminder: application deadline for KTH Accommodation 

May 31st is the last day when newcoming international master’s students can apply for staying at KTH Accommodation during their first year. 

This is a fantastic chance you don’t want to miss! Looking back to last year, I’m so glad that I decided to rent a studio on campus! Finding accommodation in Stockholm can be tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the city and how the whole system works. That’s why I decided to avoid all the hassle in advance and stay at the KTH campus. 

Malvinas Väg is one of the options to stay at KTH Campus

If you haven’t decided on what type of accommodation to apply for, you might want to check out these posts: 

KTH Accommodation Review — my fellow blogger and a good friend, Claire, shared what life in Teknikringen is like and what to expect from living in a shared apartment on campus. 

KTH Accommodation overview: Malvinas Väg — I described my studio on campus and shared some pros and cons of living there, as well as some nice pictures. 

The Joys of Corridor Living — another colleague of mine and the coolest Irish I know, Declan, is renting accommodation from SSSB, however, his post can give you a glimpse of how living in a corridor room feels like. 

You might also want to check out Declan’s recent post on where to live in Stockholm, which covers different options too. 

If you’d like to stay with KTH Accommodation, don’t forget to apply before the deadline! You can find all the details and application link here

Take care!

// Valerie