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KTH Accommodation overview: Malvinas väg

Finding affordable accommodation in Stockholm can be challenging, especially when you’re coming from another country. The good news is, most international student groups are guaranteed housing through KTH Accommodation at least for one year, which is a great help to settle in the city before finding housing on your own. 

KTH Accommodation has several locations with different types of accommodation throughout Stockholm, and you can easily find all the options here. In the coming weeks, Claire, Declan and I will be sharing our experiences of living in different accommodation places offered to KTH international students so that you’ll have a more personal and detailed perspective on how it feels to live here. 

We’ll start with Malvinas väg, located on KTH main campus, just a couple of minutes walk from Tekniska Högskolan subway station. Malvinas väg offers single studio apartments, most of them are 20 m² (mine, for example), but there are also a few larger rooms. 

Here are my very personal pros & cons of living here. Let’s go!


1. Living on my own

When I was looking for accommodation, I already knew I would spend a lot of time at home studying and working, as I always have many things to do and sometimes forget I should have a life outside of my laptop. So essential criteria for me were focusing on my tasks in silence and not depending on anybody when planning my schedule. I’m a night owl, so I often stay late working or studying and get up late in the morning. If you recognize yourself, it would probably be the best option for you to get a single studio apartment as well. 

2. Minimalist design

Most of the apartments here have the same interior design with plain white walls and furniture and no visual noise. It gives you room for imagination and allows you to decorate your place, adjusting it to how you want your apartment to look. I’m still in the process of making my apartment look cosier, but it already looks great, although I added only a few details like some pictures on the wall, a desk lamp and a small mirror. I also want to buy some plants and a floor mirror, maybe a small armchair, too. The good thing is second-hand shopping is super common in Sweden, and I won’t have to spend a fortune on it. 

An ultimate Malvinas experience — guest lecture with a view

3. Great furniture & appliances

Everything in my studio is thought out to the smallest detail: for instance, a pull-out bed for sleepovers with your best friend, or an oven that can also be used as a microwave, a grill, or a 4D hot-air making you question your cooking skills because you literally don’t know how to use all these types of cooking. And of course, my favourite is an illuminated bathroom mirror. It makes the bathroom look super cosy and is personal heaven for those who love at-home spa treatments as much as I do.

My bathroom at Malvinas väg

4. The location 

As I already mentioned, Malvinas väg is located really close to the Tekniska Högskolan subway station (I’d say 5 mins walk), which allows you to move around the city quickly, making pretty much everything accessible within 30 mins. I got used to living in the city, and for me, the subway is the main and the most convenient way of transport, so I really appreciate it. Also, it is located in Östermalm, which is a great district to live in with beautiful streets, a lot of cool places for fika or lunch, shops, and all kinds of infrastructure you need. 

5. The view

It should probably be the first one, as this is my favourite part about living here. I’m totally in love with the view I have from my apartment and would never trade it for the world. When I just arrived and entered the studio for the first time, I went to the window and just froze with admiration looking at night Stockholm. I could not believe that this was my life now that I created for myself, and this view still fascinates me every time.


1. Ironically… living on my own

I’ve never lived alone before, always sharing a room with dorm neighbours or a flat with friends. Sometimes it might get lonely, as I don’t know many of my neighbours, and it doesn’t feel a lot like a student dorm life. And it is, of course, always more expensive to live on your own. I think Malvinas väg is the most costly option KTH Accommodation offers to master’s students, so you have to plan your budget.

2. The key is everything 

The only way to get into the apartment is your key, so you don’t wanna forget it, ever. If you lost or misplaced your key during office hours, you can ask for a spare one in KTH Entré. However, suppose you misplace your key on Friday night. In that case, you will probably have to stay with a friend for the weekends, as locksmith services are really expensive in Stockholm, especially if you’re on a student budget. So, the rule is: always check on your key before you lock the apartment! Being precautious will save you out of trouble, trust me.

 Summing Up 

I absolutely enjoy living at Malvinas väg, and honestly believe it was the best accommodation I could ever get, so I feel very lucky. For me, the obvious pros outweigh the cons. If you also like privacy, minimalist and thoughtful design, and would appreciate an opportunity to live close to the city centre — is it the best option for you. 

\\ Valerie 

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