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KTH Scholarships

Master’s students from countries outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland are generally required to pay tuition fees at KTH. For most of us international master’s students, that is probably not surprising – higher education isn’t free in most of the countries we call home.

But! Don’t give up just yet…

Whether you’re considering an academic future at KTH, or you’re already here studying, KTH offers annual scholarship opportunities that master’s students can apply for. I won’t be describing every type of KTH scholarship or featuring the many other affiliated scholarships; all that information can be found here

Instead, I’d like to give you a bit of encouragement through the stories of some of this year’s scholarship recipients.

On Monday, KTH hosted the annual scholarship reception to welcome this year’s awardees. It included presentations from administrators, professors and alumni, and was followed by some mingling and refreshments. As a KTH One-Year Scholarship recipient, I was in attendance and on my very best behaviour. As a student blogger, I was also searching for a few students willing to share how a scholarship from KTH has impacted their life.

I ended up chatting with Aishwarya, Laura, and Lucy – all of whom happened to be recipients of the KTH Scholarship. By virtue of academic excellence in previous studies and their intended contribution to sustainable development, they have each earned a scholarship that covers the full tuition fee of their master’s programmes at KTH. 

Meet: Aishwarya 

KTH master's student Aishwarya standing in the KTH courtyard. Photo courtesy of Chirag Sagare.
Aishwarya at the KTH courtyard. Photo courtesy of Chirag Sagare.
  • From: the southern state of Kerala, India
  • Bachelor’s programme: Biotechnology
  • KTH Master’s programme: Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

When she was notified about the KTH Scholarship, Aishwarya was very excited, admitting that she wasn’t expecting it. The scholarship helped solidify her choice of KTH, and has since lifted “that mental pressure” related to thinking about money. Aishwarya is passionate about research that makes an impact in a timely manner, citing the slow translation of biotech research findings into the industry, and ultimately our daily lives. Through her studies and research opportunities at KTH, she hopes to strengthen and accelerate this connection. 

Meet: Laura

KTH master's student Laura standing in the KTH courtyard. Photo courtesy of Chirag Sagare.
Laura at the KTH courtyard. Photo courtesy of Chirag Sagare.
  • From: Toronto, Canada
  • Bachelor’s programme: Biotechnology with a minor in chemistry
  • KTH master’s programme: Medical Biotechnology

Like Aishwarya, Laura hadn’t put too much hope into getting the KTH Scholarship. She applied “on a whim” and after that put it in the back of her mind. When she got the notice, she was ecstatic about the opportunity and appreciated the validation, especially after a year of studies during the pandemic. To stay focused academically through it all, she credits zoom office hours, good relationships with professors, and a genuine interest in what she was doing — developing a biosensor to detect pharmaceuticals and cyanobacteria in water systems. She’s looking forward to more research opportunities at KTH with real-life applications. 

Meet: Lucy

KTH master's student Lucy standing in the KTH courtyard. Photo courtesy of Chirag Sagare.
Lucy at the KTH courtyard. Photo courtesy of Chirag Sagare.
  • From: Leeds, England
  • Bachelor’s programme: Architecture
  • KTH master’s programme: Architecture

For Lucy, getting the KTH Scholarship was a sign to go for it. After graduating and working two years for an architecture firm in London, she had begun searching for opportunities to further her training at the master’s level. Her instant reaction to the good news was defined by high emotions and a sense of commitment; she was scared and excited by the prospect of living in another country and pursuing her goals. Looking ahead, the scholarship will help her focus on her studies without stress or worry. It will also afford her the time to invest in what she is passionate about; she’s eager to work towards transforming the design process to better include and collaborate with those it serves – in particular, women and young girls.

As a final reminder to any hopeful students out there, I think it’s important to highlight that even students who end up receiving scholarships face self-doubt, discouragement, and anxiety during the process. It’s normal to feel that amid other emotions when pursuing your goals. Stay optimistic, keep working hard, and you might be surprised what comes your way if you try.

Thanks again to Aishwarya, Laura and Lucy for sharing your experiences. Congratulations to all of this year’s scholarship recipients and good luck in your studies.

// Claire

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  1. Hi, I from cameroon please i need some responses to my issues
    I want to study a master at KTH it’s possible ?

    1. Hi Leon, it is certainly possible. To apply to study at any university in Sweden, you must apply through the Swedish online portal . People from all over the world study in Sweden. You can find more information about the application requirements for students from Cameroon here:—british/ . Good luck! // Claire

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