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The Joys of Corridor Living

My Student Accommodation at Kungshamra

In the next few weeks, each of us bloggers will say a little bit about where we live. Hopefully this will give you a little insight into some of the accommodation options around Stockholm!

The view from my window
The view from my window

Kungshamra is a student housing area about fifteen minutes from KTH campus if you, like me, like to cycle. It’s also just two stops away on the metro. The metro station is at Bergshamra and here you’ll find a little town centre with a small café, library, second-hand shop, grocery store and bike shop – Kungshamra only five minute walk from all of this.

There are different types of accommodation but I live in a Corridor Room. The corridor rooms at Kungshamra are usually social, lively places to live. The shared kitchens are big and bright and full of life. I would recommend them especially for any sociable people who are looking to meet some international friends.

The surrounding area is beautiful and perfect for an evening walk. From my door it’s a one minute walk to the forest and only a ten minute walk to Ulriksdal Palace, the lakes and the water. In the summertime it was the best place for swimming! 

The water and forests around Kungshamra
The water and forests around Kungshamra

Although a little grey in the winter (and white when it snows), in the Spring and Summer Kungshamra shows off its colour when the gardens, parks and courtyards explode into life. It’s a calm, easy-going place but it’s still lively and full of students. Since moving here I have had some great dinner parties, movie nights, fika mornings and I’ve met some wonderful people in these corridors.

Check out more about Kungshamra here…

~ Declan

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