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My warmest greetings!

Hej! And I am the final new digital ambassador Raygo (or you may call me Ray), who will work alongside Lorenzo and Martyna for the KTH International Student Blog in the coming year!

My favourite and the envy of the many places on campus is the rooftop of the school of architecture!

As a first-year student from the master’s programme in Architecture, (yes, you may realize that Martyna and I are indeed from the same programme, so we often bump into each other in our school of architecture building!) although I have arrived here in Stockholm for just more than a month, I have fallen in love already with the city and our school campus!

Coming from Hong Kong, which is on the other side of the globe, everything here is so different for me. One of the most obvious contrasts is the population, where we have around 7.6 million people in Hong Kong, which is 6 million more than the sum in Stockholm! Nevertheless, I always believe that this is exactly the most charming part about studying abroad, where you get to explore entirely new cultures, languages and most importantly, the sceneries and cuisines! Therefore, I cannot wait to share with all of you my discoveries through this platform!

Beyond the classroom, I am also keen on photography, just like Lorenzo. Being an architecture student does not mean that I am fascinated only by taking pictures of the buildings, but also by street views and portraits in general. Thus, my favourite weekend activity in Stockholm so far is to wander around the city with my friends and camera!

Apart from that, language acquisition is also something that I am passionate about. As I am currently conquering Swedish, which is going to be the seventh language that I could speak (I hope I am not making your jaws drop) I find myself feeling excited and satisfied every time, when being able to communicate with someone using a new language that I have learnt. So, I am more than delighted to share with you my journey in learning languages and some tips to learn Swedish later! In the meantime, feel free to take a guess of which are my six other tongues! (You have got an additional point for English)

It is a pleasure to meet you all, and I am looking forward to this fruitful year getting in touch with you as a blogger!

// Raygo

2 thoughts on “My warmest greetings!”

  1. Good job 大Yo狗!Glad to hear your insights as a fellow international student too!

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