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The feeling of spring: cherry blossom in Stockholm

Cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården

Hej! It is Raygo here today, and as the last snow of winter in Stockholm ended in the previous month, we have approached May, and finally, we get to feel the vibes of spring! Recently, the city has been coated with a pink spray, attracting loads of our visitors: the cherry blossom! Today, I will show you some spots to view this amazing wonder of the new season.

Also known as “sakura” in Japanese, the cherry blossom symbolizes spring because it is a time of renewal. However, being short-lived, they are told about life’s fleeting nature.

In Stockholm, the most popular place to view cherry blossoms is at Kungsträdgården, near the city centre. Two pathways of these pale blooms stand on both sides of the garden, where people can walk or sit underneath the trees, take pictures and enjoy a great time being in the moment of fantasy.

Last week, during my seminar course, our class had the opportunity to visit Kungsträdgården for a walking event, which offered a new perspective to us by putting on vision-altering glasses. It was an incredible sensory overload among the cherry blossom and a superb experience with my teacher and classmates.

Viewing cherry blossoms with the vision-altering glasses

Another spot I recommend for viewing the cherry blossom would be at the campus of Stockholm University, which is just one metro station away from the KTH main campus. There are also a few lovely blooms of cherry blossom, and in my opinion, they are more pinkish than those in Kungsträdgården.

Cherry blossoms at the Stockholm University Campus

But do notice that the best peak to view the cherry blossom will not be long-lasting, and I suggest that those of you who are in Stockholm right now seize the chance and visit the cherry blossom while it is still available. As for those who will be incoming students in the coming fall, consider putting it into your bucket list of things to do in the upcoming spring!

That’s it for today! Feel free to check out more about the post about Friluftsliv by Lorenzo for Spring activities in Stockholm and Martyna’s post on why to choose KTH if you would like to learn more about the opportunities KTH may offer. Vi ses:)