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Arriving in Sweden? Essentials before landing!

Hey! It’s Martyna here, and I would like to share some tips on essential things you should get before coming to Sweden! It’s so soon until you print your boarding passes, jump on a plane and arrive in Sweden! Accommodation When I moved into my SSSB apartment in Lappis, the room was unfurnished. I remember … Continue reading “Arriving in Sweden? Essentials before landing!”

What being a (Digital) Student Ambassador has taught me

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new post! Today, I would like to tell you something more about my experience as a (Digital) Student Ambassador for KTH. I thought this could interest you too, since the application to become Student Ambassador and Digital Student Ambassador for KTH are now open! So, let’s get started. My … Continue reading “What being a (Digital) Student Ambassador has taught me”

“Student discount survival kit”

Hey there! Are you planning to study at KTH and wondering how to live on a student budget in Stockholm and still enjoy exploring the city? I will give away some not-so-secret tips on how to do that! Imagine if you are stranded on the “deserted island of Stockholm”… Let’s search for what we have … Continue reading ““Student discount survival kit””

Budgeting tips for Stockholmers-to-be

Hello everybody and welcome to this new blog post! Today, I want to share with you some budgeting tips to make your life in Sweden more affordable. Scandinavian countries have the reputation of being particularly expensive and, even if this is not completely true, living on a student budget can still be tough. We have … Continue reading “Budgeting tips for Stockholmers-to-be”

Moving to Stockholm! What do I need to know? For EU-admitted students

Hey there, behind the screen! Congratulations to you admitted KTH students! What a relief, right?! So what happens next? You probably have a question in mind: How should I plan to move to Stockholm? Don’t worry, I will cover that for you in this post! Residence permit? No, I am from the EU! Since you … Continue reading “Moving to Stockholm! What do I need to know? For EU-admitted students”

Stockholm – second-hand heaven!

Hey, guys! You all probably wondering how to live happily as a student in Sweden without going bankrupt by the end of the month. At the same time, you would like to dress nicely and buy some cheap things such as clothes, furniture or anything else that comes to your mind. No worries! Thank god … Continue reading “Stockholm – second-hand heaven!”