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Tunnelbana – The World’s Longest Art Gallery

After travelling by metro through cities like London and Paris, I was sure I knew just what to expect from underground transport, but I was so wrong. Stockholm’s metro system, or the Tunnelbana in Swedish, is a different experience altogether. The underground here is clean and quiet and impressively, each station is covered in artwork. … Continue reading “Tunnelbana – The World’s Longest Art Gallery”

Architecture Highlights in Stockholm

Walking about the city looking at buildings has always been one of my favourite pastimes. Luckily for me, being an architecture student means I get to call this “studying”.  The city can be endlessly interesting, especially for those of us who are moving to or visiting a new place. Stockholm being a city well known … Continue reading “Architecture Highlights in Stockholm”

Visiting Fotografiska

The Fotografiska Museum of Photography is definitely one of the top places of interest for creative people in Stockholm. This is not a museum for the history of the development of photography in Sweden, as one might think, but a popular gallery displaying the works of the most famous contemporary artists from all over the … Continue reading “Visiting Fotografiska”

Cultural comforts in Sweden

This week marks two years of my time in Sweden and it has been an amazing journey. The primary reason is attributed to the culture and lifestyle followed in Sweden. I ended up falling in love with the culture and the life I was building myself here. I felt comfortable in numerous ways with many … Continue reading “Cultural comforts in Sweden”

Cultural Stockholm

KTH is on a break and weather couldn’t be better. So the question now is where else can you enjoy an amazing variety of music performances, great food, incredible ambiance, and crazy outfits? Lollapalooza Stockholm! Originated in the US, Lollapalooza is a 4-day music festival revived in 2003 that gathers artist from a wide variety … Continue reading “Cultural Stockholm”