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Celebrating Summer in the Archipelago 

Summertime has come at last! The contrast between summer and winter in Sweden always surprises me. From weeks of snow and ice to weeks of sun and heat. There’s no better way to celebrate this weather, and to celebrate the ending of your final year of university, than getting together some friends and taking a … Continue readingCelebrating Summer in the Archipelago 

Winter Adventures with the KTH Outdoor Club

In the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to take part in some great winter experiences around Sweden thanks to the KTH Outdoor Club. This Outdoor Club is a student association that’s perfect for anyone interested in camping, climbing, hiking and all else ‘outdoorsy’. We are basically a big group of KTH students that … Continue reading “Winter Adventures with the KTH Outdoor Club”

Tunnelbana – The World’s Longest Art Gallery

After travelling by metro through cities like London and Paris, I was sure I knew just what to expect from underground transport, but I was so wrong. Stockholm’s metro system, or the Tunnelbana in Swedish, is a different experience altogether. The underground here is clean and quiet and impressively, each station is covered in artwork. … Continue reading “Tunnelbana – The World’s Longest Art Gallery”

Travelling in Sweden (and beyond)

One of the best things about coming to study in a new country is sometimes getting away from those studies and discovering the new land around you! In the last year I have been lucky enough to explore some great places around Sweden. I thought I might share some of these trips with you, and … Continue reading “Travelling in Sweden (and beyond)”

Exploring Sweden: amazing Öland

In one of my previous posts, I already shared with you the story of my trip to the southeast of Sweden. It’s time to finish my story and tell you about the amazing Öland.  Öland is an island located in the Baltic Sea off Sweden’s southeast coast and is the smallest landscape in Sweden. You … Continue reading “Exploring Sweden: amazing Öland”

Exploring Sweden: my trip to Kalmar

Last week I decided to expand my travelling beyond Stockholm and start exploring Sweden, so I went on a road trip to Kalmar with a couple of friends. Kalmar is a medieval port city on the shores of the Baltic Sea located in the southern part of the country. It occupies several small islands connected … Continue reading “Exploring Sweden: my trip to Kalmar”