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Tunnelbana – The World’s Longest Art Gallery

After travelling by metro through cities like London and Paris, I was sure I knew just what to expect from underground transport, but I was so wrong. Stockholm’s metro system, or the Tunnelbana in Swedish, is a different experience altogether. The underground here is clean and quiet and impressively, each station is covered in artwork. … Continue reading “Tunnelbana – The World’s Longest Art Gallery”

Public Transportation In Stockholm

One of the best things I loved about Stockholm was access to every corner of the city through public transportation which is called SL Services. It includes a combination of buses, metros, long-distance metros and also ferries. This blog would introduce the nuances of Stockholm public transport for students coming to the city this fall. … Continue reading “Public Transportation In Stockholm”

Cost of Living in Sweden – 2020

The first question I asked my seniors and the one question I get asked the most from students who want to study at KTH is “How expensive is Sweden?”And the answer I usually give is “Its as expensive and inexpensive as you want it to be.” So, I thought of writing about my monthly expenses … Continue reading “Cost of Living in Sweden – 2020”

Cost of living in Sweden – 2019

Recall I mentioned in the last post that another ‘hot’ topic would be addressed? I guess the title dismisses the element of surprise on the subject matter that I will be sharing on… “I hear Stockholm is expensive? Is this true?” ” What should my average budget be like every month?” I dare say for … Continue reading “Cost of living in Sweden – 2019”

How Fast How Clean

Choo choo! All aboard! Today’s topic is about transportation and more specifically Swedish trains. Despite the complains from some locals about the “quality” and sometimes “delayed” trains (like couple of minutes delayed trains…) I have found the Swedish transportation amazing. Let’s remember that I come from Mexico where there is only 1 (yes one) train … Continue reading “How Fast How Clean”