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Winter Adventures with the KTH Outdoor Club

In the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to take part in some great winter experiences around Sweden thanks to the KTH Outdoor Club. This Outdoor Club is a student association that’s perfect for anyone interested in camping, climbing, hiking and all else ‘outdoorsy’. We are basically a big group of KTH students that are keen to do some adventuring and see some of the best bits of the Swedish landscape. Over the wintertime this has meant keeping active, getting out and about, and making the most of this cold and icy weather.

Ice skating on a frozen lake

Ice Skating

Since I’ve come to Stockholm, ice skating across the frozen lakes has become my favourite winter activity, even despite the fact that I still get worried about falling through…

Snow Hiking in the forest

Snow Hikes

This nordic climate is new for a lot of international visitors, and going out into the forests and the wilds in the wintertime is the best way to experience it!

Bonfire alight!


Along with the adventures, it’s also great to join up with some friends and toast some food and sweets over a bonfire. These have been known to encourage some lovely conversations and even some singing.

Many more events are coming in the near future in the Outdoor Club, such as a trip up North to go skiing on the snowy slopes of Åre, some more bonfires and even more hiking adventures, so check out the website here if you want to get involved! You can also see more ideas for winter sports in this previous blog post, or check out Claire’s tips for cycling in wintertime here!

~ Declan