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KTH Innovation and Innovation Collide

Hej allihopa, it is Raygo here again! Have you ever thought of new ideas or plans you wanted to realize? As a curious person, I am always motivated to try new things and embrace new knowledge. Today, I want to show you around an event I recently attended: Innovation Collide, organized by KTH Innovation. Keep … Continue reading “KTH Innovation and Innovation Collide”

Costs of living in Stockholm 2023: part three – Raygo

Hi guys, it is Raygo here today! As Lorenzo and Martyna talked about their living costs in the previous posts, I will share mine as the last post for this featured topic now! Essential Like the other two bloggers, the rent accounts for most of my budget. Living in the studio apartment at Malvinas väg … Continue reading “Costs of living in Stockholm 2023: part three – Raygo”

Stockholm furniture fair 2023 and Scandinavian design

Hi guys, it is Raygo here again today! last week, I had been to the Stockholm Furniture Fair (SFF) 2023. This yearly event is the most significant platform where different Scandinavian furniture and lighting companies gather and showcase their designs. This year there were over 400 exhibitors involved in the fair organized at Stockholmsmässan, one … Continue reading “Stockholm furniture fair 2023 and Scandinavian design”

KTH Accommodation – Malvinas väg

Hello all, it’s Raygo here again! As Martyna introduced her accommodation at Lappis last time, this time it’s my turn to talk about my place at another KTH Accommodation option for students: Malvinas väg! Location Malvinas väg is conveniently located within the KTH main campus. It is situated next to Q-Building (The integrated teaching building) … Continue reading “KTH Accommodation – Malvinas väg”

Swedish winter sports – part 1

Hej! Being an international student in Hong Kong, where I do not have the opportunity to try out every winter sport, I have found them particularly mesmerizing since I arrived here. As we are approaching spring in Sweden and before the winter ends, I would like to share with you some beloved winter sports that … Continue reading “Swedish winter sports – part 1”

Back to school – The spring semester begins

Hej everyone! As the new semester has just begun, it would be great to summarize the first week with you as a glimpse of what to expect during the spring semester. Daylight hours The first and foremost noticeable change about the Spring semester is we are getting more daytime here in Stockholm. Since the winter … Continue reading “Back to school – The spring semester begins”