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Five things Swedes do

I’ve loved studying a 2-year master’s programme because I’ve had a lot of time to observe Swedish daily life. If there’s one thing I understand, it’s that there are many norms and unspoken rules in Swedish culture. Nonconformity can be a signal that you aren’t a local — which is totally fine, you don’t need … Continue reading “Five things Swedes do”


Students from around Stockholm and beyond came together last weekend for Northern Europe’s largest annual student event – Squvalp!  Squvalp is a weekend-long rafting event organised by the Quarnevalen team. Every year they put together huge events for students. Some years this takes the form of a carnival through the city, but this year the … Continue reading “Squvalp! “

Stockholm Accommodation Tips 

At this time of year, newly admitted students are usually searching for accommodation around Stockholm for August. The application for housing through KTH opens this Sunday, the 1st of May, so check out the KTH Accommodation page to apply or find out more about this. You can also check out some previous blogs to get … Continue reading “Stockholm Accommodation Tips “

Why I’m learning Swedish (and how you can too)

So, you’re moving to Sweden! How much have you thought about… Swedish? As you know, all master’s programmes at KTH are taught in English, and there’s a generally high level of English spoken by Swedes, young and old. In your day-to-day life in Stockholm, you can manage quite easily without knowing Swedish.  So, why learn … Continue reading “Why I’m learning Swedish (and how you can too)”

Back on the Bike – Cycling in Spring

Although the winters in Stockholm can be very cold, many students brave through the chill on the bike. My friend Claire wrote a great piece here about how to go about it. Some of us, however, are not as strong as Claire, and leave the bike in storage for the winter time. This time of … Continue reading “Back on the Bike – Cycling in Spring”

Banking & Paying in Sweden

If you’ve recently been accepted to a master’s programme at KTH as an international student, this post is for you! Before moving abroad, it’s very important to know how your banking and payment methods will function in an international setting. As you research, you’ll likely come across new words like “personnummer”, “Swish”, and “BankID”. It … Continue reading “Banking & Paying in Sweden”