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Research Papers

1) A. Ergül, J. Lidmar, J. Johansson, Y. Azizoglu, D. Schaeffer, and D. B. Haviland.

Localizing quantum phase slips in one-dimensional Josephson junction chains.

New Journal of Physics, 15(9):095014, 2013.

Special Issue: Focus on Quantum Microwave Field Effects in Superconducting Circuits


2) A. Ergül, D. Schaeffer, M. Lindblom, David B. Haviland, J. Lidmar, and J. Johansson.

Phase sticking in one-dimensional Josephson junction chains.

Physical Review B, 88:104501, Sep 2013.

Chosen for the displayed on the front page of Physical Review B web site, ”Kaleidoscope”.


3) E. A. Tholen, A. Ergül, D. Schaeffer and D. B. Haviland.

Gain, noise and intermodulation in a nonlinear superconducting resonator.

EPJ Quantum Technology, 2014, 1:5

Part of the series: “Microwave Quantum Optics”


4) E. A. Tholen, A. Ergül, K. Stannigel, C. Hutter and D. B. Haviland.

Parametric amplification with weak-link nonlinearity in superconducting microresonators.

Physica Scripta T137, 014019, 2009.

Nobel Symposium 141: Qubits for Future Quantum Information


5) E. A. Tholen, A. Ergül, E. M. Doherty, F. M. Weber, F. Gregis, and D. B. Haviland.

Nonlinearities and parametric amplification in superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators.

Applied Physics Letters, 90(253509), 2007.


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