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Publications by Andreas Feldmann

Peer reviewed


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Conference papers

D. Berlin and A. Feldmann, "Exploring the divide between the product and material perspectives in the circular economy," in EurOMA Conference 2021: Managing the “new normal”: The future of Operations and Supply Chain Management in unprecedented times, 2021.
D. Berlin and A. Feldmann, "Separating open- from closed-loop supply chains," in EurOMA 2020 Conference: Managing Operations for Impact, 2020.
P. Ulfvengren et al., "Interoperability in education program courses : challenges with incremental and radical curriculum changes," in 13TH INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE (INTED2019), 2019, pp. 7438-7446.
S. E. Birkie, M. Bellgran and A. Feldmann, "Managing manufacturing footprint decisions for better sustainability," in 6th EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply chains Forum, 2019.

Non-peer reviewed

Conference papers

D. Berlin et al., "Supply chain collaboration in circular supply chains : The example of Swedish steel recycling," in Operations adding value to society, 2019, pp. 1657-1666.

Chapters in books

A. Feldmann, "Circular economy for energy-intensive industries," in Handbook on Climate Change and Technology, : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2023, pp. 228-236.
A. Feldmann and J. Olhager, "A cumulative model of evolving plant roles : Building production, supply chain and development competences," in International Operations Networks, : Springer London, 2014, pp. 51-65.
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