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Publications by Agnieszka Renman

Peer reviewed


M. Hallberg et al., "Evaluation of a sand filter material for road runoff treatment- pilot-scale field trial focused on copper and zinc removal," Water practice and technology, vol. 17, no. 8, pp. 1652-1665, 2022.
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A. Renman and G. Renman, "Long-term phosphate removal by the calcium-silicate material Polonite in wastewater filtration systems," Chemosphere, vol. 79, no. 6, pp. 659-664, 2010.
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A. Kietlinska et al., "Nitrogen removal from landfill leachate using a compact constructed wetland and the effect of chemical pretreatment," Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A : Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering, vol. 40, no. 07-jun, pp. 1493-1506, 2005.

Conference papers

G. Renman and A. Kietlinska, "Reactive bed filters for treatment of landfill leachate," in Waste 2004 - Integrated waste management and pollution control: Policy and practice, research and solutions, 2004, pp. 491-498.
G. Renman, A. Kietlinska and V. M. Cucarella Cabanas, "Treatment of phosphorus and bacteria by filter media in onsite wastewater disposal systems," in Ecosan - closing the loop, 2004, pp. 573-576.

Non-peer reviewed

Conference papers

A. Renman et al., "Treatment method to remove dissolved metals from motorway runoff – initial observations and implications for operation and maintenance," in NORDIWA, 28 September - 1 October. Digital conference & exhibition, 2021.
G. Renman and A. Renman, "Sustainable use of crushed autoclaved aerated concrete (CAAC) as a filter medium in wastewater purification," in 8th International conference on sustainable management of waste and recycled materials in construction, Gothenburg, Sweden, 30 May – 1 June, 2012. Proceedings, 2012.
G. Renman et al., "A multi-stage treatment system for landfill leachate : design and performance," in Waste 2004 - Integrated waste management and pollution control: Policy and practice, research and solutions, 2004, pp. 528-535.
G. Renman, A. Kietlinska and J. Mosiej, "Reactive bed filters for treatment of storm water from roads and motorways," in International Scientific-Technical Conference. Surface water, underground water and soils protection along roads and motorways, 2004, pp. 109-113.


A. Kietliñska, "Engineered Wetlands and Reactive Bed Filters for Treatment of Landfill Leachate," Licentiate thesis Stockholm : Mark och vatten, Trita-LWR. LIC, 2017, 2004.


A. Renman et al., "Water filtration with mineral-based byproducts as a sustainable treatment technology," Stockholm, Jernkontorets forskning, D 884, 2021.
G. Renman, A. Renman and J. P. Gustafsson, "Reaktiva sorbent för fastläggning av fosfor i Östersjöns bottnar," Stockholm : BalticSea2020, 2013.
G. Renman, J. P. Gustafsson and A. Renman, "Småskaliga lösningar för avloppsrening med mineralbaserade filtermaterial," Stockholm, MinBaS II - Mineral Ballast Sten, 2.1.3, 2011.
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