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Israel Luis Peña

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Om mig

Israel Luis is a young inventor, researcher, and entrepreneur committed to developing human augmentation technologies. He obtained his professional degree as a Mechatronics Engineer with an outstanding thesis at Pontifical University Catholic of Peru (PUCP) and worked as a researcher at the Biomechanics and Applied Robotics Research Lab at PUCP and CEO of Löfte, a startup that developed human augmentation technologies. He has submitted patents in the areas of sensing and augmentation technologies, and scientific publications, including a Journal of Biomechanics. Israel has also participated in highly selective international programs among the principals are MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, HPAIR at the University of Harvard and Leader of Innovation Fellowship in the UK. 

His Ph. D research is focused on the development and validation of a multiarticular lower-limb soft wearable exoskeleton for human augmentation under the supervision of Professor Lanie Guitierrez Farewik at the MoveAbility lab in KTH. Thus, Ph. D research project involves the musculoskeletal modeling and simulation of the normal human gait and with the assistive device as well as its design, implementation, and testing of a soft wearable exoskeleton in the laboratory setting and real-world environment. Besides, part of the study will focus on developing a human-in-the-loop optimization system for subject-specific tunning to enhance the efficiency of assistance.


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Profilbild av Israel Luis Peña