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Amanda Kessler

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Om mig

Nanoparticles are all around us. They originate both from natural and manmade sources, and unfortunately, the creation of them is increasing at a superior rate compared to the risk assessment. We are exposed to them every day, from silver nanoparticles added to new clothes, particles ripped off rails when a subway brakes or a consequence of welding. Some can be useful, but some are harmful. How do we know which ones are harmful, and further, why are they harmful to us? This is where I come in. I study the surface reactions on metal and metal oxide nanoparticles and correlate them to various toxic effects in lungs. Hopefully, if we can understand the underlying mechanisms making various nanoparticles toxic, we can find ways for us to determine and protect us from them and their effects such as pulmonary inflammation and infection, lung fibrosis, and allergies.

I work mainly with characterization methods to understand phenomena such as adsorption, release of metal ions, agglomeration, speciation, and ROS/radical production. The current project is a collaboration between KTH and KI funded by VR.

 If you have any questions or are just curious you are always welcome to contact me!

Profilbild av Amanda Kessler