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Anders Lansner

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About me

I am a professor in computer science at Stockholm University and KTH. My research fields are computational neuroscience and brain-like computing. This includes mathematical modelling and computer simulation of the neuronal networks in the brain, in the neocortex as well as basal ganglia. The ambition is to contribute to a mechanistic understanding of brain function in health and disease, in particular related to perception, different forms of memory and learning as well as decision making. Furthermore, based on such understanding we develop future computing technology in the form of scalable brain-like ("neuromorphic") algorithms. These we implement on the supercomputers and GPU clusters at PDC, KTH. In collaboration with the Electronics department at the ICT school of KTH we are also engaged in the development of novel modular and scalable brain-like FPGA and custom VLSI designs. We evaluate our algorithms for technical applications in data analysis, machine learning, and virtual neurorobotics.