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Anatolii Kravets

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Doctor of Sciences, PhD, Head of Department

Birth date: 1958, March 5
Address: Drottning Kristinas vag 36A, 1103, 11428 Stockholm, Sweden (Current)
Phone: +46 72 852 0760 
E-mail: anatolii@kth.se, kravets958@gmail.com

Since April 2022, I have been working as a Visiting Researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology in Nanostructure Physics in the group of Professor Vladislav Korenivski. The subject of my current research is spin dynamics and transport in magnetic nanostructures. Before that, I worked as a Head of Department of Physics of Films at the Institute of Magnetism NAS of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine. My areas of research are magnetic thin film nanostructure technology  and characterization, nanofabrications, physics of modern magnetism, magneto-electrical, magneto-optical and magneto-caloric measurements, spintronics, and applications. My past research was focused on developing and optimizing  technologies for preparation of thin films and magnetic nanostructures. I carried out an engineering development of a film deposition systems for combinatorial material science at the Institute of Magnetism. I am familiar with thin film characterization techniques and have a lot of experience with magnetic, magnetotransport, resonance, optical and magnetooptical measurements, as well as computer simulations of the various physical processes for different nanostructures, such as heterogeneous films, multilayers, spin valves,  spin tunnel junctions,   nanopilars,  nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia, etc. My current research activity also involves training of students, including planning research projects of the students, teaching them laboratory techniques, supervising their laboratory work, discussing results, preparation of reports, presentations and publications. I am used to work in a team and plan to establish my research work in collaboration with other research and technology centers. I am used to work in a team and plan to establish my research work in collaboration with other research and technology centers.

- Solid state physics, magnetism, optics, magneto-optics.
- The development of equipment and technology for fabrication, as well as measuring instruments for characterization of thin films.
- Study of structure, spin-dependent phenomena, optical, magneto-optical, magnetic, and resonance properties of magnetic nanostructured films.
- Transport in spin valves and magnetic tunnel junctions and the applications of these devices into integration of magnetic sensors and magnetic oscillators.
- Process development and characterisation of nano-devices.
- Computer simulations of the various physical processes.
- Labview programming and testing.

1979–1984, Master of Science in Physics, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, The Faculty of Physics (www.phys.univ.kiev.ua), Kyiv, Ukraine.
Specialization: Solid State Physics, Optics.
Master thesis title: "Investigation of the Structure of Colloidal Solutions by Light Scattering".
Diploma number: LB 389878.
Data of issue: 1984–06–22


2019-2021, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Magnetism of NASU and MESU, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Doctor of Sciences thesis title: "Magnetic Properties of Multilayer Nanostructures With Temperature-Dependent Interlayer Exchange Interaction".
Description: The dissertation is devoted to complex research of magnetic static and dynamic properties of multilayer nanostructures with temperature-dependent interlayer direct and indirect exchange interactions through layers of weak dilute ferromagnetic alloys; magnetic properties of films of dilute ferromagnetic alloys as the main components of the above-mentioned multilayer nanostructures and spintronic devices built on their basis with temperature-induced switching of magnetic states.
Diploma number: DD 012273.
Data of issue: 2021–09–27

2007–2009, Ph.D. Physics, Institute of Magnetism of NASU and MESU, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Ph.D. thesis title: "Magnetooptical and Magnetorefractive Effects in Metal and Metal-Dielectric Magnetic Nanogranular Films".
Description: A complex picture of gyrotropic and nongyrotropic magnetooptical properties of magnetic heterogeneous films at changes of their structure, composition and type of electronic conductivity has been received in the thesis. On the basis of structure analysis, magnetic, magnetotransport, optical, magnetooptical and magnetorefractive measurements, as well as modelling calculations the main results have been received: (i) correlation between statical (magnetoresistance) and dynamical (optical magnetoreflectivity) spin-dependent phenomena has been found; (ii) resonant influences of plasma oscillation on gyrotropic magnetooptical properties and optical phonon mode on nongyrotropic magnetorefractive phenomena have been established.
Diploma number: DK 057811. Data of issue: 2010–03–10

2011-2012, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Nanostructure Physics, Stockholm, Sweden.
Fabrication and characterization of spin valves, Curie valves, spin tunnel junctions, double tunnel barrier nanopillars. Study of exchange coupling and proximity effect in layered magnetic nanostructures.  Study of exchange-induced phase
separation in weak ferromagnetic alloy films. Integration of spin valves, magnetic tunnel junctions and Curie valves into thermionic oscillator. Teaching the different processes to students.


2022-presently -Visiting Researcher, KTH-Nanophysics, Stockholm, Sweden.

2021-2022 - Head of Department, Institute of Magnetism NASU and MESU (IMag), Kyiv, Ukraine.
2012–2021 - Senior Research Scientist, IMag.
2011–2012 - PostDoc, Nanostructure Physics, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009-2012 - Senior Research Scientist, IMag.
2003-2008 - Research Scientist, IMag.
2000-2002 - Junior Research Scientist, IMag.
1995-1999 - Leading Engineer, IMag.
1988–1994 - Research Engineer, Institute of Metal Physics NASU, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1984–1987 - Teacher of Physics and Mathematics, High School, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Number of PhD's graduated -2, main supervisor.
Licentiates graduated and PhD students in progress -2, main supervisor.

The most important international cooperation partners are KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Nanostructure Physics (Stockholm, Sweden, Prof. V. Korenivski) and TU Dortmund University (Dortmund, Germany, prof. D. Yakovlev).


2022-2024 - "Spin dynamics and transport in magnetic nanostructures", SSF grant for Ukrainian scientists UKR22-0050.
2021-2023 - "Magnetoplasmonic Nanostructures for Use in the Fields of Biosensors and Nanophotonics", National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU).
2021-2022 - "Terahertz Acoustic and Optical Control of Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures", Partner project P699a between TU Dortmund University (Dortmund, Germany), the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU), and the Institute of Magnetism NASU and MESU (IMag).
2018–2020 - "Magnetic Multilayered Nanostructures on the Base of Antiferromagnets for Elements of Terahertz Spintronics", NASU.
2017–2019 - "Ultra-Fast Acoustic Control of Coherent Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures", Partner project P699 between TU Dortmund University (Dortmund, Germany), STCU, and IMag.
2015–2017 - "Magnetic Nanostructures with Thermoelectronic Control of Magnetic States for Spintronics", NASU.
2014–2017 - "Spin-Thermo-Electronics", Partner project P646 between KTH-Royal Institute of Technology", Nanostructure Physics (Stockholm, Sweden), STCU and IMag.
2010–2012 - "Development of Spintronic Nano-Sized Devices with Thermally Controlled Magnetic, Electrical and Magnetotransport Properties", NASU.
2009–2011 - "Structural and Magnetic Analysis of Diluted Alloys and Interfaces Under Heat Treatment", Partner project P388 between KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Nanostructure Physics (Stockholm, Sweden), STCU and IMag.

Profilbild av Anatolii Kravets