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Alessandra Villa

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Om mig

Alessandra was educated as a chemistry at the University of Milano. After a Ph.D.in quantum chemistry, she moved to Groningen University  and she started to work in the field of biomolecular simulation. Then, she worked at Goethe University and at MPI for polymer science in Germany and recently at Karolinska Institute, Sweden.
Her main research interest is to elucidate the molecular interactions that govern cellular processes using biomolecular simulations.  She has wide experience both in combining experimental and simulation techniques and in combining molecular models (multiscale apporach) to solve biochemical and biophysical questions.  A large part of her work focuses on the development of molecular models both at the atomistic and coarse grained levels to better describe how biomolecules interact. Alessandra is working for European Center of Excellence BioExcel, with  focus on  user-driven-development of GROMACS software package and member of the Molecular Biophysics Stockholm. She is also involved in activites for Center of Excellence for Personalised Medicine (PerMedCoE).  She is active in the GROMACS community and manage of the GROMACS forum


  • Multiscale modelling of axonal subcellular components.
  • GROMACS user-driven development.

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Högpresterande beräkningar för beräkningsforskare (FDD3260), lärare | Kurswebb

Simuleringsmetoder i medicinsk teknik (CM2014), lärare | Kurswebb