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Software is eating the world and is intangible. This makes it an extraordinary, timely object for science that matters for society. 

In order to outreach to citizens about my research activities that focus on such an abstract and intangible object, I work with artists. The re|thread collective makes sense of software through art, building audiovisual installations that unveil specific dimensions of the software objects that surround us in our daily lives.

In order to outreach to industry, I give talks and demos in industry events and meetups.

Software art @ Nobel Week Lights. December 2021.

cyber|glow is a light installation, generated in real time based on the interactions of the visitors. It reveals the invisible and live software traces that operate an interactive game. cyber|glow enchants visitors with a large-scale multi-player game where they learn about the sublimity of software as well as about Nobel discoveries: cyber|glow by re|thread

Software art @ Tekniska Museet. October 2020.

In the last week of October 2020, the re|thread collective presented an interactive audiovisual installation at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm. The installation called Pellow revealed, in real-time, the inner workings of a web browser.

Ericsson Research lectures series. September 2020.

I was invited to give a lecture, broadcasted to all Ericsson research centers. I presented recent works and challenges about Building Robust Software Supply Chains.

Online exhibition. April 2020.

In April 2020, re|thread opened a browser-based, free, open to the public exhibition. The visitors had the opportunity to learn about browser fingerprinting, a new threat for online privacy.

CASTOR  Software days. October 2019.

I coordinated the organization of the first software research days at KTH. The event attracted 200 participants from industry and academia for a three-day event about state of the art research in software technology for DevOps, security and distributed systems. This event also hosted the first continuous integration art hackathon.

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