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Niklas Ekstedt

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About me

I currently live in Hässelby with my wife and three children and was brought up in the northern parts of Stockholm. I graduated from the engineering physics program at KTH 2007, with focus on Mathematical System Theory and Optimization. After graduation I worked as an IT consultant at Enfo Zystems for five years and since February 2013 I am pursuing a PhD at the school of Electrical Engineering. My PhD project is conducted within the RCAM (Reliability Centred Asset Management) research group in close collaboration with Vattenfall Distribution and as a part of the SweGRIDS programme. The aim is to develop methods that can be used in asset management decisions. For example designing methods that identifies when components should be replaced and when it is efficient to do nothing. Methods from risk and reliability analysis are combined with economic analysis. Later the project will include investment and asset management optimization. This type of research is of increasing importance as improved power system performance is required.