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Magnus Boåsen

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Doctoral student



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About me

Magnus Boåsen
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Solid Mechanics
Department of Engineering Mechanics
10044 Stockholm

Visiting address: Teknikringen 8D
First floor, Solid Mechanics laboratory


  • Tekn. Dr. Solid Mechanics, KTH, 2020
  • Tekn. Lic. Solid Mechanics, KTH, 2019
  • M.Sc. Engineering Mechanics KTH, 2015
  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering KTH Södertälje, 2013

Research interest

  • Embrittlement and degradation of steels due to ageing
  • Fracture and damage mechanics
  • Experimental solid mechanics

Journal publications

  1. Boåsen, Efsing, Ehrnstén, On flux effects in a low alloy steel from a Swedish reactor pressure vessel,
  2. Lindgren, Boåsen, Stiller, Efsing, Thuvander, Evolution of precipitation in reactor pressure vessel steel welds under neutron irradiation, Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 488, 2017, p.222-230,

  3. Lindgren, Boåsen, Stiller, Efsing, Thuvander, Cluster formation in in-service thermally aged pressurizer welds, Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 504, 2018, p.23-28,

  4. Dahlberg, Boåsen, Evolution of the length scale in strain gradient plasticity, International Journal of Plasticity Vol. 112, 2019, p.220-241,

  5. Boåsen, Stec, Efsing, Faleskog, A generalized probabilistic model for cleavage fracture with a length scale – Influence of stress state and application to surface cracked experiments, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Volume 214, 2019, p.590-608,


Material Mechanics (SE2126), assistant | Course web

Strength of Materials and Solid Mechanics, Basic Course with Energy Methods (SE1055), assistant | Course web

Testing Techniques in Solid Mechanics (SE2123), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Magnus Boåsen