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Beatrice Vincenzi

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Om mig

Since 2022, I am a Digital Futures postdoctoral fellow in the Interaction Design research group at KTH. I am interested in inclusivity and designing AI assistive technology for/with people with disabilities. I am passionate about exploring design methods which make space for accessibility, interdependence, and AI.

I completed my PhD in Human-Computer Interactions in 2022 at City, University of London in the Centre for HCI Design. I was working with people with visual impairments and sighted companions to understand how they collaboratively navigate together and explore what could be alternative roles of AI assistive technology in the future.

Through my postdoctoral project, I engage with my previous work and I explore the design of AI assistive technology to strengthen sighted guiding partnership through a soma design lens. Engaging with the body would promote accessibility, diversity and inclusion, resisting the idea of a disabled body, and enhancing social justice.

I am a trained sighted guide, and I was involved in volunteering activities with charities that support people with visual impairments in London (UK). For three years, I helped to organise events, offered travel assistance, and supported group activities such as writing, crafts and art workshops. During COVID I offered remote company and conversation to people with visual impairments.

I am looking for alliances with organisations in Sweden that support people with visual impairments. If you or your organisation are interested in talking, please get in touch.

If you would like to start a collaboration or work with me on a Master's project, contact me by email.