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Former Group Members and Thesis


2018 - Rachele Rossi, Evaluation of biomarkers for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Graduated students PhD

2011 - Kristoffer Forslund, The relationship between orthology, protein domain architecture and protein function, Stockholm University (co-supervisor).

2013 - Gabriel Östlund, Data integration for robust network-based disease prediction, Stockholm University (co-supervisor).

2018 - Erik Fasterius, Exploring genetic heterogeneity in cancer using high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing, KTH

Under graduated students master and bachelor level

2005 - Charles Goussou, Antibody stability upon prolonged storage

2008 - Charlotte Stadler, Subcellular localization of proteins - Using bioinformatics and fluorescence microscopy

2010 - Wasil Sriwi, Expression and purification of fusion proteins with cleavable tags

2011 - Fakhry Mahrous, Mono-specific antibodies can be used for the determination and diagnostic of Minichromosome Maintenance 3 splice variants or other protein splice variants using western blotting

2012 - Ravi Teja Ghanta, Identification and selection of novel tobacco etch virus protease variants with tailored specificity

2014 - Erik Fasterius, Absolute Protein Quantification of EGFR Network Components by Mass Spectrometry

2015 - Kristin Strandberg, Development of Sandwich Immunoassays for detection of muscular dystrophy biomarkers

2015 - Fidele Karibushi, Development of a bead-based immunoassay for detection of circulating autoantibodies in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

2016 - Indira Patricia Lopez, Development of immunoassays for muscle dialysis samples from patients affected by Muscular Dystrophy

2017 - Camilla Johansson, Exploring genotype to phenotype correlations in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

2017 - Sandra Mena , Protein biomarker analysis in muscular dystrophies

2019 - Patrik Hurtig, Improved thiol-mediated labelling of antibodies through Protein A Immobilization

2021 - Albert, Jimenéz Requena, Biomarker development for early diagnostics of Duchenne Muscular dystrophy

2021 - Elin Gath, Development and validation of biomarker quantification assays for monitoring disease progression in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

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