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Calvin Brett

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About me

I am a PhD Student under the Supervision of Daniel Söderberg working in the Fluid Physics Lab. My scientific goals are the following:

  1. Create nanostructured hybrid cellulose-metal nanoparticle multilayers via spray deposition,
  2. Characterize the coating process in situ and to tailor the spray coating (airbrush, ultrasonic, electrospray) method for these novel applications,
  3. Evaluate the possibility of utilising hydrodynamic mechanisms and tailor-made polymers as tools promoting self-assembly and structural control.

The fabricated surfaces will be characterized in terms of e.g. conductivity, transparency and hydrophobicity. To characterize the occuring ultra-fast self assembly processes we using large-scale facilities Synchrotrons and Neutron facilities.

Hence, the PhD project combines characterization, hydrodynamics, cellulose and polymer networks in thin films.